DotA 2 gets a major update with the ‘Dueling Fates’ update

The world’s biggest eSports MOBA game just received a major update. The new update, named ‘Dueling Fates’ brings several gameplay changes and also introduces two new heroes to the current pool: Donté Panlin, the Pangolier and Mireska Sunbreeze, the Dark Willow. The update also brings new matchmaking rating system that’s  set to ensure latest and accurate MMR numbers.



The update is huge. A lot has been changed. From the removal of base shrines and the ‘Iron Talon’ item to a complete rework for heroes Beastmaster, Broodmother, Morphling, Tiny, Viper and Wraith King. A lot of other heroes have also received major changes. For example, Axe now has  level 25 talent that can increase the range of his Berserker’s Call ability. And Chen no longer has his teleporting ability: Test of Faith. And Invoker can now Sun Strike on every enemy hero at once (GG…WP). There are also several new items in the game and existing items have also been reworked.

Dark Willow


You can get the complete update notes here.

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