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What is D5

D5 stands for dedicated five, it is to symbolize the perfect team in the verses matches we host.

Our aim is to create a platform for the gaming industry in our local community and our region, East Africa.


Games have been part of our life and each of our team member has a story to tell, but never thought it could be a job and something this big. Our story is as cliche as they get, the only difference is that we are the first once to do something about it in our country.

D5 was established on Friday Feb 19, 2016, and hosted our first event on Sunday Feb 21, 2016. There were not more than 10 people on the event and since then we have kept on growing and growing to reach more people locally and in our region, hosting bigger events, connecting stakeholders, teaching and more. It is a love child for all of us here.


Within 2 months we were hosting events every 2 weeks with a minimum of 60 attendees and 3-5 type of games on pc and consoles.

  • We were invited to a racing cars showcase event hosted by Senna Events and Ethiopian motor sport association (EMSA). We got to involve our racing game fanatics to have some fun with go carts. And we were honored by the presence of Jean Todt, former president of federation inernational de l'automobile (FIA).
  • We were invited to Goethe institute Addis Ababa to help on a 6 months gamification workshop that was part of a two year creative project, with Christoph Deeg and Chewata Awaqi, which ended with the development of a local location based game called the battle of the times.
  • We held one of our biggest event hosting our first championship in a first person shooter game, with design week Addis Ababa and elite events, celebrating tech and games, the event introduced and connected local developers.
  • We got an invitation from the British council to host a 2 day workshop on game development, which again was part of the 2 years creative project. We partnered up with our friends at chewata awaqi again to teach local talents from different sectors like architecture, fashion and illustration about basics of game development.
  • We were at Naiaccon representing our local community on a first of its kind Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia regional event. We didn't get the chance to take our championship winners for the regional.


With more than 60 events in our record, big and small, we are working to deliver more. So, what are we doing right now? We invite you to dig deeper into our works and projects, after all you have come all the way and there is no turning back. These projects were things that we have been planing and working on for a while, they have developed from their early stages and now we are pushing them to the next level.

Our page is a work in progress, we hope to bring more to you. Drop a comment or suggestion contact us.

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