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April 23, 2018

Free multiplayer games you should start playing right now

Fornite Battle Royale   Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play game from Epic Games. Its a highly competitive and addictive battle royale game that features up to 100 players. You can play as a squad of four players or alone. The goal is to be the last person alive by killing other players or evading […]

January 4, 2018

D5gamejam will take place from Jan 26 to 28 at iceaddis

The annual game jam is here: D5gamejam! The Global Game Jam is an annual distributed game jam taking place in various countries. It aims to bring together the elements of creativity, collaboration and experimentation. Each year, participants gather at various jam sites, form small groups, create new innovative and creative games in a limited time […]

November 1, 2017

DotA 2 gets a major update with the ‘Dueling Fates’ update

The world’s biggest eSports MOBA game just received a major update. The new update, named ‘Dueling Fates’ brings several gameplay changes and also introduces two new heroes to the current pool: Donté Panlin, the Pangolier and Mireska Sunbreeze, the Dark Willow. The update also brings new matchmaking rating system that’s  set to ensure latest and […]